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5 Tips To Spruce Up Your Furniture

We all have that one favorite piece of furniture that we absolutely adore, it fits our space, and use to be the most comfortable place to sit and relax or watch TV. But, now it is tired, our backs hurt from sitting on it, and we just want to replace it. But WAIT! You do not have to do that. If the fabric is still in great shape, revamp it, don't replace it. Here are 5 tips to make that piece of furniture brand new again. AND! At a fraction of the cost of new.

  1. Replace the Foam in the Cushions Yes, simply replacing the foam in the seat cushions will make all the difference in the world. Foam has a life expectancy - so if your sofa or chair is over 5 years old or older, the foam has probably lost its firmness and support. Simply replace the seat cushions with a commercial grade quality foam and it will be a brand new piece of furniture. Back to lounging in comfort!

  2. Refill the Back Cushions Many modern pieces of furniture now have loose back cushions that are simply stuffed with polyester. Polyester does not have a great memory to stay full and comfortable. And typically manufacturers simply do not put enough in the covers when they produce. This is an easy fix. Simply fill the back cases with more stuffing and the cushions will not sag and you will have a new back support at very minimal cost.

  3. Recycle Those Old Seat Cushions If you need more support in your back cushions and polyester stuffing is not enough, recycle those soft seat cushions and put those in the back cushions. Buying new foam for back cushions is usually much too firm to lean against, but soft seat cushions work incredibly well and saves money and those inserts going to the landfill!

  4. Fill Out the Covers Sometimes you can find your cushion covers are much too loose. If you find the foam in the cushions are still in decent shape, but you need to tighten up the covers, you can add a layer of foam to the existing foam or add more polyester wrap. This only works though if the foam you currently have is still giving you the proper support, but you want the cover to look more filled out.

  5. Replace with Quality The key in any remodel is to make sure you are spending your money wisely and getting quality products. This is no different when you are sprucing up your furniture. Make sure you purchase commercial grade quality foam so that you get both the support and longevity of those cushions. You can certainly find inexpensive foam that is incredibly firm, but do not be fouled. Just because it is firm, if the quality is not behind it those foams will collapse in a matter of months. Quality is the key for great supportive cushions.

A brand new sofa that can now be enjoyed for many more years to come. Was quickly and easily revamped with new solid foam cushions (of course in commercial grade quality foam) and more stuffing added to the back cushions to fill them completely out. Money was saved from buying new as well as less into the landfill. I call that a WIN WIN!

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