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Help! My Mattress is TOO FIRM!

We have all been there. Going from store to store, looking for that perfect mattress, settling on what you think will be the best, most comfortable bed you have ever had, to realize, a week after you have slept on it, it is just TOO FIRM!

But don't despair, there are options to help you so let's get to it.

There are three options for softening up an existing mattress. An egg carton foam, a 2" softening foam, or memory foam. Each have their place and use.

Egg carton foams have been around for ages. They work well, but unfortunately have a bad wrap for not working or lasting very long. This goes back to the quality of the foam used. It is important to purchase a 2.0lb density (better commercial grade) for the egg carton to make sure it does stand up to regular wear and tear. The neat thing about this foam though is you can use it two ways - peaks up or peaks down. If the peaks are up, it gives a slightly firmer feel than if the peaks are down and you are lying on the flat side. This is because with the peaks down you are creating air pockets in the valley on the foam which gives more of a squish. So, when do you buy this foam? This foam works very well if your mattress is somewhat comfortable, but you want just a bit more give and to have a bit more softness would make your mattress perfect. This is when the egg carton foam would work.

A 2" softening foam is one of the best sellers. It is of the high quality density for longevity, and it is in a soft compression. This provides great comfort and takes you up off the firm mattress and allows you to sink without bottoming out. This is important. You want to be able to sink into the foam topper, feel the support of your mattress, but not actually feel the mattress. As well, because this is a polyurethane foam, you can move and rotate in the mattress without feeling engulfed by the topper. The softening foam also works well if you pair it with the egg carton foam. However, this is not necessary for most people. Really, the only time you would add the egg carton foam is if you have had hip replacement surgery, or similar where you need a lot of softness, but need the support as well.

Memory foam toppers are very popular. However, there are specific times when they will work best. If your mattress is solid, with no give, then memory foam will not help you. This is because memory foam is super squishy with little support. And what happens is you sink through the memory foam and hit your hard mattress. No relief. But, if your mattress has some give, and you are just looking for a bit more squish, then memory foam would work. This works because memory foam needs to be complimented by the underneath to work well. So, if this goes over something with some give, the memory foam will sink into the softer foam and you feel the give. Sometimes it is best for a very firm mattress to layer the 2" softening foam and the memory foam together. This gives 4" of softness while keeping the supportive mattress under you.

At the end of the day, it all depends on how soft you want to make your mattress, but have no fear, there are options, and combinations that will work and not break the bank! We sleep in our beds for a third of our lives, let's make those hours comfortable!

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