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Our foam mattresses are made of high resilient commercial grade quality foam and covered in a polycotton cloth on the top and nylon vinyl on the sides and bottom to protect your mattress from moisture.  They are made with you in mind because you get to choose how it is built.  Whether you want a simple sleek mattress that is only 2" or 4" or layered in some soft foam on the top for the extra squish, it is all up to you!


Our Recommendations:

- If you prefer a firmer mattress, but want a bit of give, select your desired base thickness and add the softening foam topper.  This will add just a bit of give to your mattress.


- If you prefer a softer mattress, choose both the softening foam topper as well as the memory foam topper.  This will give you more squish and you will feel more cradled in bed.

Boat & Yacht Mattresses

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